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ZDNet:LAVANDA LUNE,Compact in shape and fit snugly in the ear


ZDNet:LAVANDA LUNE,Compact in shape and fit snugly in the ear

2020-12-23 报道

Here is our pick of the best Bluetooth earbuds, headphones, and even speakers for the holidays.

There are lots of Bluetooth and wireless audio items around online -- and some of them are at eye-watering prices. Here are a selection of lesser-known brands with price tags of under $100 that will help you relax listening to your favorite sounds over the holidays.

I have included a selection of earbuds, over-ear headsets, and Bluetooth speakers so you can choose the form factor you prefer when you are relaxing with your music or catching up with some work.

Lavanda Lune earbuds

Compact in shape and fit snugly in the ear

The Lavanda Lune wireless earbuds smashed through its target on Indiegogo, and it is not hard to see why. They are compact in shape and fit snugly in the ear when you twist them. They are  IP66 sweat and water resistant.

These earbuds are fitted with an Airoha 1552A chip and have ANC and ambient mode. Bluetooth 5.0 means these earbuds will easily connect to your device, with a playing time of up to 5 hours with ANC switched on and up to 9 hours when ANC is switched off. The case will deliver up to 45 hours of playing time (with ANC off). Sound is good -- although even with ANC switched on I could still hear ambient noise around me.

Use the left earbud to control ANC or use the right to navigate your way through tracks. You can tap either earbud for call management or to wake up your voice assistant.


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